Where You Should Use Duratrans

20 Apr , 2018 Duratrans

Backlit lighting enhances the look of your display and creates a design that is easily seen by others and stands out from the crowd. It is called duratrans as the generic term, but no matter what you call it, using the technology when you want to make an impression is one of the most important things that you can do for our company.

It is possible to use this technology on any display that you have or that you plan to use but there is no question they’re better used at some locations than at others. If you want to make sure that you put the backlights to work the right way and maximize their effectiveness, make sure that you use the technology on these products:

Trade Show Graphics


When you are attending a trade show, there are many other vendors there. Each vendor is hopeful of attracting many people to their booth and in turn gaining new business and customers. This means that you must do more than the other vendors to stand out from the crowd. This backlighting is the easiest way to stand out from the rest at the event and make every second count.

Menu Boards

If you are a restaurant owner, it is important that the menu boards are clear and easy-to-read. Without a backlit design, this is not always guaranteed. Always use this special Kodak filming and lighting system to help your menu board stand out.

Fine Art Displays

Showcasing your artwork to others is always fun. It can draw attention to your work and help you make more money and get ahead in life in so many ways. But, many others share the same hopes so you must ensure that your artwork makes an impression on those who see it. There is a simple way to display your fine art in style and that is with the backlight enhancements.

Window Displays

Are you holding a special sale? Is there a guest appearing at your shop? You should make sure that you attract many people your way no matter the event. The best way to do this is via window displays with backlight inside. Everyone will look your way and come inside to enjoy the fun!

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